Are You Using Your Multimedia Gallery to its Full Potential?

  We’ve written many articles over the years about why interactive maps are valuable and important, but most of you already know that or you wouldn’t be reading this. Let’s talk about something a little more practical today. If you are using the nuCloud platform let’s go over seven different types of media content that you […]

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Joplin Tornado Track Map

All Maps Are Not Created Equal

In the world of mapping, people use different types of maps for different purposes (cue Captain Obvious). Depending on your industry, your end users all have very different goals when they are trying to go through location data. Despite that, we’re able to leverage very powerful mapping frameworks and tools to create very different tools […]

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Virtual Tour Spending Change 2011 to 2012

Cappex Reports Virtual Tours as the #1 Tool to Initially Evaluate Campus

A new report by Cappex shines some light on the impact of mobile trends on college admissions. reports a student user base greater than 3.5 million that use their free online higher-ed matchmaking service that links teenagers with colleges. Cappex doesn’t specifically share in the report how many students were surveyed, but this report […]

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Schools Report 30% Increase In Campus Visits Thanks To Virtual Tours

As we’ve recently uncovered, physical campus visits are THE most influential recruitment activity. But getting students to go on these visits, might very be the key to increasing your school’s recruitment success. Here’s why we think virtual tours might be that key. A recent article by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shows that in fact, virtual tours […]

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[Data] A Physical Campus Tour Is the Most Influential Recruitment Activity

A recent report published by Noel-Levitz – a leading higher education consultancy firm – and the National Research Center for College & University Admissions, confirmed what we at nuCloud have been saying for years: the campus tour is the most influential element in students’ application and enrollment decisions. High school seniors, juniors, and their parents […]

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