Map Illustrations

A well designed map illustration is one of the most important parts of a great interactive campus map.  First appearances have a large impact on how long someone will spend exploring your map, and the first thing they will see is the map illustration. nuCloud has partnered with professional cartography firms who specialize in map illustrations and have years of experience with campus maps in particular.

The decisions that you need to make around a map design are pretty straightforward, but keep in mind that many of these decisions also effect final pricing.

3D Sketches Map Illustrations

3D Vector Map Illustrations

3D Raster Map Illustrations

2D Vertical Map Illustrations

2D Vector Map Illustrations

What else will you use the map for?

We believe this is the first and most important question to decide. Here is an article we wrote going into greater detail on this topic of uses for your map illustration.

What type of map design do you want?

There are many different types of maps that you can create.  The following questions will help you come to a better conclusion about what you want.

1.    Is there a specific map that you have seen and would like something very similar?
2.    Do you want a 2D or 3D map? 3D looks better, but is more expensive. While a cheaper 2D map can be better for navigation and way finding.
3.    Do you want a map of a Floor Diagram, City/Area or Campus Map?
4.    Are there non-adjacent locations that need to be represented?

How many buildings/locations will the map have?

The number of locations, buildings and major landmarks is a standard question when putting together a quote.

What reference material will I need to provide?

The type of reference material needed completely depends on the type of map.  For a Floor Diagram then we will need blueprints or AutoCAD files of the interior of the building.  For a campus map depending on the style, we will need current high-resolution oblique aerial photography and/or site plans.  Satellite imagery and any previous examples of map illustrations are also helpful.

Also some of our cartographers like to make an in person visit to gain a better feeling of the area and shoot their own photography.

Is it important to own the copyright of the completed artwork?

A map illustration is a true piece of art.  Because of this some cartographers prefer to maintain the copyrights to their work.  This is something that you should be aware when making a decision.  Clients do still have unlimited non-resell usage right.