About nuCloud

nuCloud, LLC specializes in providing and designing interactive campus maps (ICMs). We were founded in 2008 and our team has decades of experience in higher education and web development.

What We Do

Clouds At Delamont by Etrusia UKnuCloud is committed to providing a low cost entry point for schools or organizations that would like to have a professional quality interactive map including video, photography and other multimedia.

Our interactive campus map platform, enables business, colleges, and facilities to tell their story without customers having to make a physical visit to their location. According to a University Business article, a virtual tour is the single most important element of a college website. We believe we help organizations do campus marketing.

How We Help You

We know higher education. With decades of experience in higher education web development, we understand the needs, requirements and structure of higher education web because we have lived it.

As said by Forbes magazine, cloud computing is the next technology revolution for many businesses and organizations. For most companies it simply doesn’t make sense to staff additional server administrators and software engineers to create and manage a complete range of solutions in-house.  As the costs of equipment, file storage and internet bandwidth have decreased, a remote cloud computing solution makes more sense. Software as a Service (SaaS) is the first wave of this next generation of technology services. SaaS allows companies to have software solutions without the large upfront costs and with continued development and updating of services.

nuCloud is built upon the SaaS model.  Costs are lower up front because pricing is distributed through annual payments.  The SaaS model allows us to continually upgrade and enhance our services that we provide without hidden costs.  This allows for an exponentially better experience and helps the services we provide continue to be competitive and stay on the cutting edge of technology advancements.

Why is this model good for you?  With the demands of online content our services offer a network and framework that is very difficult for you to build on your own systems.  With us your assets are stored on multiple nodes throughout the network, to optimize for each individual user’s experience and speed.