Why Editing An Interactive Map Should Be No Harder Than Updating Facebook

Does it seem like whenever you buy a new software tool designed to “save you time and money” it actually does neither? There’s always just one more feature upgrade, a few more hours of a costly technician’s time, or this and that feature not included in the initial package. Why aren’t companies harnessing the same power companies like Wikipedia and Facebook have utilized to follow through on the promises of saving time and money?

At nuCloud, our interactive campus maps actually do save you time and money. We believe updating your interactive campus map should be as easy as updating your Facebook page or tagging a photo. We also believe that through our Software as a Service (SaaS) module you shouldn’t be forced into a huge upfront payment.

Benefits of Interactive Maps

Maps have come a long way from the “You Are Here” signs of old. Just visit any airport baggage claim in a major city to see the rise of interactive venue maps. These computer “touchscreens” work just like a touchscreen notebook with maps to the city and local attractions linked directly to recreation, transportation and restaurant information.

A college campus is no different. Interactive campus maps improve the information you provide to your university community by:

Easy to Use

It’s easy to see why interactive campus maps are a great asset to any university campus, but the maps have to be easy to use and update as well. If you have to wait for a web programer to do the work for you or to find money in your budget to pay a Flash developer $100/hour then you’re not saving time or money. It’s no good having an interactive map out of touch with what actually happens on your campus.

nuCloud’s maps want to put the power to control your data on your map into your hands. So we have made the interface for updating your map as easy as managing your Facebook fan page, a page 98% of colleges and universities have now. And just like when you learned Facebook, with our maps, you won’t have to learn how to write code, you won’t have to hire a flash developer at additional cost, and you won’t have to remember any tricky or complicated series of procedures.

Our maps allow you to:

  • Advertise event information
  • Change photos
  • Add audio
  • Include video elements
  • Post and link to alerts about traffic, weather or building closures
  • Upload news about your campus
  • And so much more

Your student body changes constantly. A university ready to change with the students by adding features like interactive student maps will gain an edge in recruitment and retention of students and patrons who want to join your interactive community.

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