Map Insert Example

When to Have Multiple Locations in an Interactive Map

Not all campuses are created equal. Some campuses include multiple locations across cities, states or sometimes even countries. To be honest it really isn’t all that uncommon. The question that always comes up is, “How do we create multiple interactive campus maps of our multiple locations?” The answer is actually pretty easy, and when you take a step back it is something that map makers have been doing as far back as anyone can remember.

Is It A Completely Different Campus Or Just A Few Buildings?

This is always our first question. If you think about it, maps of the US have been running into this problem for the last 50+ years thanks to Alaska and Hawaii. Those two states are almost always bolted onto the left side of the map somewhere so that they don’t feel left out. If your campus has multiple locations but the additional locations contain just a few buildings then it probably makes the most sense to add inserts onto a single map.

Map Insert Example

Map Insert Example

How Many Additional Locations Are We Talking About?

Creating additional maps for multiple locations isn’t that big of a problem. The biggest challenge with any interactive map project is putting all the content together. If there are multiple maps then we are talking about a larger amount of content that must be put together to create the map weight loss supplements for men. Taking all the content and putting it into an interactive map is simple, and drawing a new map illustration is easily accomplished. But gathering all the content for the map remains the biggest challenge.

The Takeaway

The reality is that either scenario is very easy to accommodate. The bigger challenge is deciding what your audience will be interested in. If your school has different campuses in different cities/states then you will most definitely want to have an interactive map for each location. If a student/visitor is likely to visit just one location then you want to keep those maps separate. If there are a couple of buildings on the other side of town then a single map with inserts is a very nice solution.

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