nuCloud CTO Michael Fienen Publishes Book

Sometimes it is ok to brag about one’s accomplishments.  After many late nights spent in front of a computer monitor, our CTO Michael Fienen recently completed his first book.  Being one of the leading experts on dotCMS, it only made sense for him to write the first authoritative text on the content management system.  dotCMS From the Ground Up is 226 pages of fundamental awesomeness for any webmaster that uses this CMS.

Currently the book is being sold through Lulu and Amazon for $39.99, while the eBook version will be available shortly for $19.99.  The description on Lulu sums the book up quite nicely:

If you are new to the dotCMS content management system world, this book will help walk you through learning all of the core fundamental elements required to launch and maintain a site using the CMS. Whether you are teaching yourself, or setting up training materials for others, this book will provide you with valuable resources to ensure your continued success.

If you are curious about dotCMS or use the platform to run your website you can find out more from the website for the book Learn dotCMS.  Learn dotCMS already has a large archive of articles on subjects ranging from Development to Administration and much more that builds on the topics and concepts discussed in the book.

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One comment

  • Ben Smith January 28, 2011  

    Congratulations, Michael! Can’t wait to pickup the eBook.