Muscle Car Hot Spots Interactive Data Map recently put together an interesting interactive map of towns across America that are addicted to American muscle cars.  The Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger’s popularity is shown based on search volume in towns.  As specifically explains it to us:

Using the map above, you can hover over any circle to get the town’s name and the percentage of searches for a particular muscle car. This percentage is the amount of searches above the average search, which is why large cities are less prevalent on this map.

View the interactive map

The map uses data from the past year’s worth of search data on  You can also select one of the three cars to see interest in that specific vehicle instead of all three.  This is just another creative and interesting example of displaying data in interesting ways using a map.  Not surprisingly, concentrations of muscle car searches are concentrated in the south and the great lakes area.

What do you think of the map?  Does this give you any creative ideas for ways that you can crunch and analyze data that you are collecting?

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