More Than an Interactive Campus Tour – Stadium Tours

One of the first things we realized when starting nuCloud is that our map tools can be used for so much more than just campus maps.  Any sort of virtual tour that can be accomplished through a map is a possible use of the software.  Because we have a strong background in higher education it makes sense for us to start with that market, but it is by no means the only viable solution.  Part of demonstrating these different uses is giving examples.  By clicking on the image below you can see an example of our mapping tool used to explore historic Fenway Park in Boston, MA.

We are going to continue to find creative ways to use our maps and share these with you.  This really is just the tip of the iceberg.  All of the following are potential uses for our software:

  • Real Estate Home Tours
  • National Park Tours
  • Residential/Commercial Development Area Tours
  • Tours of the Human Body
  • Sports Venues – baseball like Fenway, as well as basketball, soccer, football, etc.
  • Museum Tours
  • State Tours

The list could go on.  The idea here is to think of things that could be better displayed through a mapping tool and then working together to help make that vision come true.  Expect more examples in the future, and as we continue to share more interactive map examples, hopefully you will continue to think creatively.

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