HighEdWeb 2010 Kindle Giveaway!

Hey everybody, Michael here. HighEdWeb is only nine days away, and Kyle, Nick, and myself will all be roaming around the conference with all kinds of fun to share. First off, the conference is great, so enjoy the sessions, enjoy the events, and enjoy the crowd. Kyle is presenting in the Red Stapler track, and I’m in TNT, so be sure to stop in and say hi. Second, it wouldn’t be HighEdWeb without some swag to giveaway, am I right?

So. Step one. Find one of us. We’ll be easy to find, because we are troublemakers. It’s what we do, and we’re okay with that. Toss us a business card or something (we’re likely to barter for about anything) and we’ll have stickers and bracelets to give out to pretty much everyone.

Easy, right?

Yeah, bracelets and stickers are sorta normal, I know. That’s why there’s more. On a day to be announced (probably Tuesday), if you are wearing your bracelet, you’ll have a chance to win a brand new shiny Kindle. For reals. We promise that someone BOLD enough, someone (WO)MAN enough to wear a nuCloud bracelet in public will leave HighEdWeb with their own Kindle, courtesy of our pockets. No strings attached. I know, because I took all the strings off that Nick had taped to the box.

So it’s that easy. See us, get bracelet, win Kindle. We look forward to seeing everyone!

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