[Free Webinar] The Interactive Campus Map – The Most Important Website Feature?

Later this month on July 23rd at 2PM EDT we will be running a free educational webinar discussing why we feel the interactive campus map is the most important feature on an institution’s website.

Watch the recorded webinar now

For a full description of the webinar:

An institution’s website is a complex multi-layered organism that serves many audiences. Due to  its many uses and various content it has to be flexible and relevant to all audiences. In this webinar we will focus on the interactive campus map and how it is pivotal to any college or university’s web presence. We will discuss how it helps with the recruitment process, re-engages alumni, assists current students and even discuss the financial implication of not having one.

We will have our CEO, Kyle James, and CTO, Michael Fienen, as co-presenters for this webinar. Both are experienced and sought after presenters in the higher education web and marketing space. Combined they have over a decade of higher education web experience from the trenches working at schools.

Kyle and Michael Presenting

“We’ve been working with colleges and universities specifically on interactive campus maps for over five years now. We’ve learned A LOT about this very specific niche. Obviously we are biased, but we have lots of great data and insight to support our bold claim that interactive campus maps might actually be the most important feature on any college website. You might think we are crazy and disagree with us but at least hear us out first,” says Kyle James.

No matter if you are looking at nuCloud or another provider to solve your interactive campus needs or you’re trying to build something in house, this webinar will be packed with knowledgeable and insightful resources and advice for you.

Watch the recorded webinar now

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