6 Reasons Why a SaaS Interactive Map is Cheaper and Better Long Term

By the time Office 2007 was installed on your campus computers, had Microsoft brought out Office 2010? Do you feel like you can’t keep up with your system and software updates? Software as a Service (Saas) may be the best way you can keep up with the ever changing updates, software, and system requirements, particularly for your interactive campus map.  Keep reading to learn 6 reasons why an SaaS interactive campus map is cheaper and better for your institution long term.

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Unlike typical software purchasing, SaaS allows you to use software without the accompanying stressors of updates and licensing, and for a lower cost. Software is hosted at a general hub, allowing individuals to access it via a web browser over the internet. Companies and higher education institutions can pay to access a range of software applications, including an interactive campus map. The price of accessing software applications via SaaS is generally set according to the number of users using the application but can be set according to other units of value.

SaaS can help you develop your interactive campus map for less money and better results by involving lower upfront costs, no catches, regular software updates, no depreciation or obsolete software, and allowing you to benefit from the latest technology without having to purchase a web server.  Don’t get surprised with the “hidden costs” of taking this project on yourself.

1. Lower Upfront Costs

How much did you spend on your last interactive campus map software? Do you want to save on your next one? Software as a Service will allow you to produce an equal or higher quality interactive campus map without having to spend tens of thousands on buying the initial software. Rather than investing a ton of money on software that will depreciate over time, you can pay to have access to the latest software and updates.

2. No Catches

With SaaS, you do not have to invest a ton of money on software application for your interactive campus map to then find out you don’t like it. With a subscription model you can drop it much sooner and go with something else.  Because there are lower upfront costs, you can choose to use other software without feeling you have blown your investment.

3. Regular Software Updates

With SaaS, software is installed on the providers servers rather than your computer or your web server.  This means that you will no longer have to mess with software updates, licensing, and other maintenance tasks. The SaaS provider will do this for you. You get to use these latest updates to prepare and run your interactive campus map with no delay.  Don’t get caught with an interactive map that is years obsolete because you can’t afford or don’t have an easy way to update and enhance it.

4. Benefit from the Latest Technology

Technology progresses fast! We have become a culture of Android phones, social networking, and online entertainment. What will it be tomorrow? Similar to software updates, with SaaS you will no longer have to spend hours or money developing the latest technology. Your SaaS provider will do that for you, allowing you to reap the benefits. While others are stuck with older technology, you can wow potential students with your high tech, sophisticated interactive campus map. Explore some of our latest technology.

5. No Web Server Purchase Necessary

Want to save more money in addition to the upfront savings? Because your interactive campus map will be located at a centralized hub, you will not need to pay for a web server. In addition to reducing costs by not having to purchase a web server, you can also save money by not having to pay a system administrator to manage the server or install any updates. This will be taken care of by your SaaS provider.  Don’t get caught by surprise with these major “hidden costs” of ownership.

6. No Depreciation or Obsolete Software

Unlike regular purchases of software, the software you have access to through your SaaS provider will not depreciate or become obsolete. You will not purchase software to have the software publisher bring out a new edition days later. Your subscription will never depreciate because your SaaS provider will be on top of the latest technology, giving you access to the latest software applications. Your interactive campus map will benefit from new technology trends without you having to spend a fortune.

So what do you think?  Are you convinced yet that SaaS is a better solution for your interactive campus map, or do you still want to host and maintain everything on  your own?  Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts.

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