10 Things to Do with Your Campus Map Illustration

The interactive campus map has rapidly become an integral part of the college recruitment process.  It allows students to access information first hand about a general layout of a campus whenever they are in the world.  Although it is still important to visit campuses in person, this is not always possible.  The interactive campus map gives students an opportunity to experience the college in a way that they would not be able to otherwise.

Because this campus map has become so vital for college recruitment centers, there are a number of factors that you should consider when you design your illustrated campus map.  There are certain aspects of the map that can make it a valuable tool in a number of different ways.  There are also aspects that will highlight positive or important aspects of the college for prospective students.  Here are just a few ways that the interactive campus map can be used.

1. Billboards

Billboards around campus can show people where they are located and a layout of the campus. When people visit a college for the first time or when they are there for a specific event or activity, such as a basketball game, it is important that they can find their way around easily.  A well designed campus map will aid in this process.

2. Brochures for Tours

Even though an online interactive campus map gives students the ability to access the map anywhere, it is still important to visit the campus and take a tour if possible.  There is no reason why a printed version of this map can’t play a key role in the tour.  A tour will not cover every building on a campus or allow the time that everyone on the tour may want at certain buildings.  Having a good map will make it easy to locate new or revisit old buildings afterward.

3. Framed Pictures

Most schools rely on donations and fundraisers to continue their growth and make improvements.  A beautiful map is a perfect wonderful framed gift for any current or past student.  Schools can include order forms for their maps in their alumni gift donation packets.

4. Thank You Cards

While a map can make a great large framed picture, it can also make a smaller piece of art that is just as good on a thank you card.  These cards are a great choice for graduation present thank yous.  Did you have your wedding on the campus?  Campus map thank you cards are a perfect choice.

5. Future Planning Help

A campus map can visually help with future planning. Colleges are making improvements and planning for new buildings, landscaping, and other physical features on a regular basis.  An interactive campus map will be a wonderful addition to any planning meeting.

6. Eliminate Unpleasant Distractions

With a normal road map you cannot eliminate distractions and remove things you don’t necessarily want people to see. If a school is designing a map with potential students in mind, they probably want to highlight the main buildings and the center of campus.  They probably don’t want to highlight buildings that aren’t crucial to academics and the heart of student life, such as the physical plant.  When a school is designing a map, they should consider what the biggest features of the map will be.

7. A Piece of Art

A campus map can be art work for publication. Another potential revenue stream for a school is a publication of their campus map.  Well designed maps will be competitive in the publishing world.

8. Posters for Counselors

You can send a poster of your campus to counselors to display in their offices. One of the most important places that colleges recruit is in high schools.  Even though a high school can’t display an interactive campus map, they can display a large poster version of it in the counseling office or at recruitment events such as college fairs.  A map can make a particular school stand out.

9. An Interactive Campus Map

An interactive campus map provides accessibility for all students. There are many factors that determine whether or not students will be able to visit schools in person such as distance, logistics, money, and weather.  An interactive campus map allows all students to become familiar with the layout and key features of a campus.  This also just happens to be our specialty.

10. Recruitment Tool

Finally, all colleges should view their maps as key recruitment tools for prospective students.  No matter what size a school is or where it is located, a well designed map can play a critical role in students’ decisions for their academic careers.

If you are looking to get a new campus map illustration we can help!

What did we miss?  How else would you use an illustration of your campus map?

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