nuCloud’s Partners

nuCloud specialize in the interactive campus map software  solution.  We quickly realized that a range of other services like multimedia are required to provide an exceptional experience to the visitor of an interactive map.  By working with a range of partners nuCloud is able to offer clients the best possible services from industry leading firms.  After all it is not always about what you know but who you know.

Interested in becoming a nuCloud partner? Contact us and we would love to explore how we can work together.


mapformation logo

mapformation, LLC is a custom cartography firm specializing in the development of city/area maps, campus maps, and building interior diagrams for use in print, signage, and electronic media. Their team of 13 designers has worked with hundreds of college and university campuses over the past decade, in addition to their work with medical and corporate campuses, municipal and county agencies, professional sports teams, and the tourism and hospitality industry.  nuCloud works closely with mapformation to design high quality map illustrations for our client’s interactive campus maps.

Sketches, etc. is a custom cartography firm that specializes in campus map renderings.  Sketches is a family owned and opperated company that makes customer service a top priority.  Described as the Thomas Kincade of campus mapping, Sketches brings vibrant light and color to an illustrated map of your campus.  Although they specialize in campus designs Sketches also has experience doing maps and renderings of camp grounds, camp sites, hospitals, medical centers, historical sites, retirement homes, office parks, malls, churches and much more.  nuCloud works closely with Sketches to design high quality map illustrations for our client’s interactive campus maps.

OmniUpdate is the leading provider of content management solutions designed to solve higher education’s digital marketing challenges. The company’s user-friendly platform and award-winning technology and support empower their customers to be engaged and personalized in their communications, cost-effective and efficient in their channel management, and scalable and extensible in their development. OmniUpdate is a certified nuCloud reseller and nuCloud integrates into their content management system as an additional add-on.


georatiGeoRati Solutions offers bleeding edge GIS knowledge and development solutions to the nuCloud platform.