Custom Design & Branding

Having an interactive map is awesome, but sometimes you want to take it to the next level with something unique and specific to your needs.  This is where our years of web development are quite handy.  There are a few specific requests that come up regularly and those have been outlined below.

All of our services on this page are custom work which makes it impossible to estimate costs without a consultation to understand the specifics of your needs. If you don’t see the custom functionality or feature that you need we can still most likely meet it.  It simply means that it hasn’t come up or we haven’t thought about doing it before.

 Custom Stop Layouts

The nuCloud platform supports the inclusion of custom CSS to reach a very specific look for your map and stops.  We currently have six different designed stop “themes” but we can also design custom stop layouts to meet your specific needs.  Custom stop layout themes allow your map to have a very unique and specific design so that your map doesn’t look like other maps.

Branded Page Template

We strongly believe that to get the most out of your interactive map that it needs to feel like it is an integrated part of your website.  To accomplish this we create a unique and specific page template for your website.  The page template allows for the strategic placement of call to action buttons, optimal layout of the map and integration into your existing branding and site navigation.  It will feel like it has always been a part of your website.  Branded page templates take about two weeks.

Custom Stop Marker Icons

The nuCloud platform allows you to upload your own stop marker icons giving you the control to make your map unique.  We can design custom stop markers for you. When used appropriately marker icons showcase legend categories and add a depth to your interactive map. Marker Icon creation takes about one week.

 Custom Marker Icons 1

 Custom Marker Icons 2

Custom Call To Action Buttons

Instead of a complete page template, maybe all that you want are a couple of beautiful graphics to help drive visitors deeper into your website? We can also design prominent calls to action buttons that take advantage of the spacing and design of your existing website. Call to actions make sure that your map is converting visitors into applying students or any other sort of leads and revenue goals. Custom call to action buttons take about one week to create.

Call to Action Button Examples

Custom Development Work

Our interactive maps are built upon our platform.  As with any platform there are limitations of what is possible, but we do have the ability to meet many of your custom development needs on our platform. We are happy to schedule a consultation to understand your specific needs, figure out the best way to build it and provide you with an estimate of the costs associated with building it.  Depending on the exact nature of your request your idea could also be included in a future product enhancement for no additional charge if you have time the time to wait.