Recorded Presentation

The Interactive Campus Map – Is it the most important feature on your institution’s website?

An institution’s website is a complex multi-layered organism that serves many audiences. Due to its many uses and various content it has to be flexible and relevant to all audiences. This webinar is focused on the interactive campus map and how it is pivotal to any college or university’s web presence. In this webinar discusses how an interactive campus map helps with the recruitment process, re-engages alumni, assists current students and even discuss the financial implication of not having one.

  • What are the killer higher ed website features and types of content
  • How an Interactive Campus Map is invaluable to Recruitment
  • Build an ROI case around the value of an Interactive Campus Map
  • See Industry Data on Interactive Campus Maps
  • Learn things not to do when creating an Interactive Campus Map
What You get:
  1. Watch the recorded webinar
  2. Download the slides
  3. Learn how to use and download our ROI map calculator
  4. Instant industry data on interactive campus maps