About eduRank

eduRank was created to rank college and university websites, .edu domains, based on their traffic and authority rankings.  By collecting data from multiple third party sources and running it through our own personal algorithm, we are able to rank college and university websites on a web authority index.  This rank is intended to compare the authority and overall traffic of a website compared to hundreds of other institutional websites.

We have over 1,500 domains in our database.  The percentile rank of each institution’s website is also given.  We are only able to score root level domains.  This means that if your particular website is on a sub-domain or sub-directory we are not able to score it.

The Formula

Only domains with .edu top level domain extensions are included in the ranking.  There are currently three data points that we on each institution and brought into the rank.

Alexa Traffic Rank
The Alexa Rank is based on a value derived from a site’s reach and page views over a three-month period. This ranking is used to determine a site’s presence and reach on the web compared to millions of other sites. Learn more about Alexa Traffic Rankings.

Compete Traffic Rank
The Compete Rank is based on unique visitors and does not consider page views or number of visits made to the site. This ranking is compiled over a month long period and compared to millions of other web sites. Compete only measures U.S. traffic. Learn more about the Compete Rank metric.

mozRank Site Authority Rank
mozRank refers to SEOmoz’s general, logarithmically scaled 10-point measure of global link authority, or popularity, of a website. This rank is democratically available compared to Google’s own PageRank. Learn more about seoMoz’s mozRank.