Getting the Most out of Your nuCloud Map

We want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your nuCloud service. With that in mind we put together a document of suggestions that you could use in order to more prominently feature and market your nuCloud interactive map. Many of our customers (you) are already doing a great job with these suggestions so we are highlighting and sharing examples.

The idea is that hopefully everyone who reads this will come away with at least one actionable next step for their map that can help drive engagement, awareness and even conversions!

Recruitment Marketing and Calls to Action

If you want to read more on why calls to action are important and marketing around your map matters check out these articles:

The general idea here is that you should be leveraging your interactive map to drive more prospective students to take next steps in your recruitment funnel. The best way to do that is to get calls to action around the map that get them to schedule actual visits to campus, request more information, apply now or other next steps that are appropriate to your specific recruitment mix.

Good examples

Don’t forget to drive traffic to your map page in the first place

Also, while we are mentioning calls to action think about how you are actually driving traffic to your map page. If your map page is buried then you are getting lost there too. Think about other pages across your site on which you could feature prominent calls to action to drive people to the map page. Some pages that you should consider having a call to action for your interactive map include:

  • Homepage
  • Admission Homepage
  • Schedule a Visit page
  • Visitor Center page

One final tip about calls to action is they don’t always have to be images or graphics. They could simply be a text link, but the more you make it stand out the better. If you want to really deep dive into calls to action then we highly recommend the following:

How Are You Using Your Mobile Map?

Mobile is becoming more and more important by the day with the proliferation of the smartphone. You could go to any number of locations to find research to support this or simply look at your Google Analytics report to see the growing trend. To point to something if you need more support building your case here is an article we wrote in 2012 that references two specific higher education reports on mobile:

So how can you take advantage of mobile with nuCloud? You can grab your mobile link from the backend, or if you know your standard embed URL then you can easily follow this standard to get your mobile map URL.**YOUR-THREE-DIGIT-MAP-ID**/

There are three popular ways that people tend to handle mobile on their website. Responsive web design (RWD) is quickly becoming the most popular so we’ll start with that but also share examples of mobile microsites and a simple mobile link on your map page. There is no right or wrong answer here, although we prefer the responsive URL redirect on browser detection method. It simply has everything to do with how you want to do it.

URL redirect for RWD

Instructions for URL Mapping for browser detection

Microsite examples

A simple link to your mobile map

Is Your Map on Facebook?

Facebook continues to remain a very popular and highly visible marketing and recruitment channel for all organizations, not just colleges and universities. Because our map is embeddable it is also extremely easy to embed into Facebook. We have some documentation on how to do this. It takes less than half an hour to follow the instructions and setup. If you prefer we do it then all we need is your Facebook Fan Page Administrator Login and Password and we’ll take care of it for you.

Facebook Instructions

Facebook Examples

How Are You Using Your Print Map?

Interactive maps are amazing, but sometimes all you need is a nice print map. Don’t forget to include easy access to a printable (.pdf) version of your map that includes legend and labeling. Also, you might have more than one map, like parking or a regional map, and you want to make it easy for someone to grab all of these too.

Good examples that include printable maps

Extra Credit Ideas

We list these as extra credit ideas because they are things we have thought about doing but they do require a little planning and extra work to pull together. The good thing is they are easily accomplishable.

A truly self-guided tour

Have you thought about using QR codes or short URLs around campus that would take people straight to your mobile map? This could create a truly self-guided tour around campus. Someone can use the mobile map and walk around to locations looking for QR codes or short URLs that would take them to that specific location on the mobile map and learn all about where they are. What you need to understand is how to deep link through nuCloud. The following links provide more information on how to set this up.

Touch screen kiosks

Leveraging the mobile (or standard) map and a large touchscreen monitor there is no reason that you couldn’t setup your interactive map for a touch kiosk! We would be happy to brainstorm it with you, but essentially all you would need is a touch screen device with internet access and a locked down web browser and you could offer this experience.