World Cup 2010 – Interactive Maps to Check Out

Have you caught World Cup fever yet?  With the World Cup starting in less than a day it’s important to know when your favorite teams are playing and who.

The Washington Post has created an interactive map that not only tells you this information, but can give you a quick visual representation of where those countries are located.  Besides this visual representation you can quickly see what dates these games are happening.

Of course will have up to date information on all the other details.  We couldn’t help but mention this creative way of leveraging a map by the Washington Post.  It looks like the map will continually be updated as we go through group play with country point totals.

The Washington Post isn’t the only site that has created an interactive map for the event.  Fox Sports has created a pretty comprehensive Flash map that lets you follow the tournament format, drill into your favorite country and their team roster, or learn about the venues that will be hosting the events.

And lastly, Inspired Mag has a whole resource post that they call their Ultimate Graphic and Data Resources Guide to World Cup 2010.  There are quite a few linked visual displays around all things World Cup related.  There are some really cool infograhics in this collection along with interactive maps.

What other World Cup Resources do you use?  Any other really cool ones that we have missed?  Share them as we’d love to check them out too.

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  • Louie June 27, 2010  

    World Cup gets so much more exciting in the knockout stages.

  • The Train Man June 30, 2010  

    Seems like Brazil smokes Chile in World Cup play yet again! Poor Chile!