What Do You Do With Student Created Content?

Last week our friend Mike Richwalsky over at HighEdWebTech blogged about a student produced video that doubles as a campus tour.  I think the video says it all so I’m also going to embed it here.

I’ve blogged in the past about types of videos for a college website and this video really shows us the value of user (student) generated content.  These two students put themselves out there and show the love of their college experience.  It is quite infectious.  There are some effective video animations that also happen in the video, but by no means is this something that students at any campus couldn’t reproduce.

Hopefully you enjoyed the video as much as we did.  Now ask yourself what sort of video are your students shooting that you can use in marketing material?  No one can tell the story of the wonderful college experience quite like the college student who is living it.

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  • Georgy May 18, 2010  

    Excellent point to make! I curate the best student content on our Jumble blog — http://blogs.uit.tufts.edu/jumble — and I also use YouTube playlists and favorites to pull great student video content together. I plan to do more with our use of playlists and favorites on the Tufts website in the months to come.

  • Jenny Mackintosh May 19, 2010  

    Boston University recently launched its own video network, BUniverse, to house videos from our students, faculty, staff and alums:


    It can take existing YouTube videos or allow uploads of new ones. It’s a great way for us to see what our students are doing because it puts the power into their hands to share noteworthy content, and if we really like it, we’ll share it on our official Twitter and Facebook outlets. For example, a student posted a really great montage of commencement this past Sunday, and we shared it around today: