We’re Hiring and Sharing our Culture

It’s that time. We are looking to hire our first full time employee outside of the owners team. We saw triple digit growth in 2012 and have already started off the new year with some positive traction.  All things are pointing to one inevitable outcome. We need help growing this ship. To be completely honest it is really exciting but also a little scary!

We are looking for a Sales/Account Director. You can learn more about this position on our new Careers page. What could be more exciting than working full time with us? We think it is a pretty sweet job that we have put a lot of thought into. We believe there are excellent income growth opportunities in this role because of our strategic partnership with mapformation. This person will be able to sell both nuCloud and mapformation products/services! We have also put a lot of thought into the culture that we want to build. These are the specific characteristics that make up our core beliefs. We are definitely not the first company to publically share our culture, but we are hopeful that the transparency helps us find people who share the same passions.

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nuCloud Culture

In an attempt to share what will be the defining characteristics of nuCloud’s employees going forward I wanted to spend a few minutes listing the core characteristics that we look for in an employee.

  1. Personal Accountability – We hate micromanaging but equally hate when someone says they will do something and don’t. We want to empower our employees to make decisions on their own. We believe personal accountability is the single most important element to “get shit done” and create successful employees. We believe this single characteristic goes at the top of our list because it sprinkles its way into the rest. At nuCloud you are responsible for your decisions/actions and we encourage that!
  2. Customer Service – We believe in the Golden Rule, one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. The biggest driver of success is more than pleasing a customer, it is making them successful and sharing in that joyful experience! We do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do, no questions asked. Because we are based on a recurring revenue model we also financially benefit from happy and successful customers who want to stay with us forever.
  3. Transparency – We could easily substitute communication into this slot but we feel that transparency is a stronger form of the same concept. This doesn’t mean that we go out of our way to show our dirty laundry, but we will openly share what we feel is appropriate. You see, not only do we want to solve your problem but we want to be open and honest with you if there is a better way to do it.
  4. Humble – Stay grounded. Everyone is responsible and available. Nobody is too good to do anything.
  5. Marketer – We believe in inbound marketing. We believe that everyone is a public face of the company in all their interactions. Since you represent the company, you are marketing the company. As a policy of interacting publically, don’t do anything stupid!
  6. Financially Conservative – We don’t like wasting money. The more we waste the less that goes into our own pockets. This doesn’t mean that we don’t believe in extra spending to celebrate our shared successes though.
  7. Scale – How can we do more with less? Does this effort scale? Relationships and customer service never scale, so this is something that we will constantly battle with other values. We should be open and admit our struggle between the two.
  8. Long-Term View – It doesn’t matter if it’s the harder thing to do, if something is the right thing to do over the long term then we do that. We think about how our actions don’t just have impacts today but over the long run.
  9. Change – We acknowledge that there is always a better way to do anything and are always looking for that better way. This might include changing the way we do things but hopefully not changing our core values. We realize this can conflict with our long-term view from time to time.
  10. Have Fun – We believe that work should be fun! We realize that every second of every day isn’t going to be the greatest, but overall we want to be happy and enjoy what we do. We believe a large part of this is actively enjoying ourselves and our time at work.

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