University of Missouri Launches New Interactive Campus Map

We are going to take a moment to brag about a recent customer’s map.  The University of Missouri recently launched a new interactive campus map on their undergraduate admissions website.

Check out the map and see what you think .

Being on their admissions website, the map had obvious recruitment purposes as we recently learned from the Noel-Levitz study.  Programmer/Analyst-Expert, Paul Gilzow, goes on to say:

“We realized the importance of an interactive campus map on our website for recruitment purposes and the nuCloud solution gave us a nice framework to allow us to be creative while keeping it in a user friendly interface.  I also really like the fact that going forward I can teach anyone how to make updates to stops or swap out pictures without needing any technical assistance from me.”

We really believe that the most valuable use of the map for a college or university is to assist in recruitment, but it doesn’t have to be the only audience to which you cater.

Paul goes on to tell us that the real value comes down to economics.

“The reason why we went with you guys is because it just made economic sense.  We had already started working on a Google maps version, but when we calculated out the amount of man-hours it was going to take to build it, your price tag was cheaper than developing something ourselves.  So we were able to have an interactive map much faster, and for much less than what it would have been to do it ourselves.”

I think the map absolutely speaks for itself.  Taking our platform, the team at Mizzou was able to create a gem and place it on a page that was laid out to get maximum value from the map.  Congratulations to Paul and the rest of the team at the University of Missouri!  It really is a fantastic looking and easy to use map.  And Paul, just so you and the team know, we do have plans in the product roadmap to offer easy Google map integration.  Stay tuned.

We love knowing that we enabled them to create such a great website feature while also saving time and meeting budget.  If nuCloud can help your institution or company with a map project please don’t hesitate to connect with us today.

Want to know what nuCloud can do for you?  Download a list of nuCloud’s services and pricing.

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