Types of Videos for a College Website

So you have already been convinced why you need to have videos on your website, so the next obvious question is what types of videos are there to have?

  1. Marketing – well isn’t this the obvious reason? Before I get into specific examples this one just has to be mentioned.
  2. How To– I’ve seen some interesting college marketing videos of how to do a something interesting. These could be an interesting marketing idea. One really interesting example is Dickinson College’s President Durden’s example of how to tie a bowtie.
  3. Campus Building – especially for an interactive map you’re going to want videos of buildings as these can be much more informative than a picture. You might not want a video of every building on campus, but every campus has certain buildings that define their mission.
  4. Student Interviews – Prospective students want to learn about being a student and they like to hear it from the camel’s mouth.
  5. Faculty Interviews – I think that it’s a good idea to do a short interview with someone from every department if possible. At the very least picking some of your most accomplished faculty is great marketing.
  6. President Videos – Everyone wants time with the President and videos are a great medium to get this face time
  7. Alumni Event videos – Your alumni love to see themselves on video and it’s a great way for people that missed an event to know what they missed and for the people that attended to reconnect.
  8. Speakers – Colleges are always having individuals present and give speeches so taking some video to share is always a great way to get extra coverage.
  9. Student Activates – Prospective students want to know about activities besides actually attending. You know where to find the video architecture support, so get out there and start producing good video content for your website!

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