The Best Interactive Map of the August 21st USA Total Solar Eclipse

As you probably know we love interactive maps! We really love interactive maps! Some of us are also big science geeks. Finally it also just happens that nuCloud’s headquarters in the Greenville, SC area happens to be right in the path of the total solar eclipse happening next Monday August 21st 2017! You put all that together and this fun interactive map was something we couldn’t help but share.

There are a lot of maps on the web attempting to provide information about the path of the total solar eclipse but NASA, to nobody’s surprise, has put together the most amazing one we’ve seen.

NASA’s Total Solar Eclipse Interactive Map

Best Eclipse Map

Not only does the map show the path of the total solar eclipse but you can click on any location to tell exactly what time the maximum eclipse will occur, how much of an obfuscation will occur, when it will start, end, a whole lot of other interesting data. This really is the must go to interactive map for anyone excited about the eclipse and planning on watching it. No matter where you are in the USA you will able to view at least a partial eclipse. Knowing exactly when it will start, be at it’s max and end is very useful information.

So enjoy! Go find your location on the map and get prepared for the excitement on Monday!

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