Support for Multi-layers, Mobile Audio and Special Characters Highlight ICM 2.3.1 Release

nuCloud has pushed a small September 2012 software release for their Interactive Campus Map (ICM) platform to all customers. In the slides below you can see the specifics of these new features.

Multiple Layer Support

Support for a stop marker or point of interest to be associated with multiple layers (categories) is a request we have heard from a number of customers, and we are excited to announce that it is now a reality. This is important when you have a building or location that can’t be easily categorized into a single group.


Mobile Audio Support

In 2.3 we released support for mobile photo galleries and video. In this release we continue to enhance our mobile offering with support for audio using a player built upon jPlayer.

Support for Special Characters

In our first step towards multi-language support, all text fields in the product now support special characters. This includes titles, descriptions, layers, and more.

What’s Next?

We are finishing up the final details on our next round of stories for a major 2.4 release that will begin in the next week or two. 2.4 will focus mostly on end user speed improvements. We will be looking at how we can better optimize and compress map tiles, JavaScript and CSS while also exploring additional content delivery network (CDN) options to improve response speeds for all of our finished products. To date we have focused heavily on reliability, currently exceeding 99.95% uptime, and we are excited to now tackle the other half of the equation related to speed.

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