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Student Advisor Offers a Free Campus Tour Guide

Campus Visit Guide CoverStudent Advisor, a leading website for prospective college students and their parents, now offers a free Campus Tour Guide. This 34-page guide provides a great resource for students and parents as they make a decision about which college to attend. The guide offers tips and advice on what to do once arriving on campus, planning ahead and has a section for parents.

The guide not only provides valuable information to students but also provides information to schools and colleges about how to enhance their own tours to make them a more robust, interactive and engaging experience for all students.

Taking physical tours of campuses is still an important and vital step for prospective students. Many schools have also added virtual campus tours to their websites, which in many respects are a step above an in person tour. The virtual tours include links to information and events, photos, social media links and even interviews with students. Touring in person compliments the virtual tour and the Campus Tour Guide can help students make the most of their time on a campus.

The guide is a tremendous resource for students ready to branch out from virtual tours and visit a few select schools. The guide also provides a great resource from schools, such as profiles about tours that transformed students’ decisions about where to ultimately attend. These stories provide insight into these young, prospective students regarding what they are looking for in a school and what might ultimately sway their decisions.

Why Should College Marketers Care?

Schools can learn a great deal about how to improve their own tours from the ebook as well, particularly about what students will be looking for when they arrive on campus. Using the guide, schools can work on aspects of their physical tours to make them in line with the suggestions in the book, knowing students are likely to be looking for certain features. For example, the guide suggests that students visit schools in the afternoon when more college age students are out and about. Knowing this, schools could plan informational sessions and interviews for prospective students in the mornings and more interactive experiences with current students in the afternoons.

The campus tour makes a difference for prospective students. The Student Advisor Campus Tour Guide helps students get the most out of their tour experiences and helps colleges better respond to students’ needs. Check it out.

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