Sophomore Telling Freshmen to Learn Campus Through Interactive Map

Think those interactive campus maps are not so useful? Step with us for a moment into the life of a typical first year college student. The first days of school are never easy, especially when you’re a newbie or freshman. More seasoned students can give tips on how to survive those first days, adjust and blend in. Tips like get involved, join a student society,  know the campus and how to dress to not stand out. Yet a natural glitch to blending in and looking like any other student is that freshman probably are not familiar with the campus and where everything like their classes, the cafeteria, lecture halls, student dorms and more are located. We’ve all been there: there is nothing quite as embarrassing or frustrating as getting lost and having to ask someone for directions or stop and take out a map when you’re new at school!

The Interactive Map Goes Mobile

It is true that by the time a student is in his/her first year of college, they should already be somewhat prepared for potential ‘hiccups’ on that first day. But now, as advised by this student in Rules of Freshman Survival in The Daily O’Collegian, technology has made it even easier to survive the first days!

This is through the use of interactive campus maps on smartphones or other mobile devices. That way first year students can subtly pull up a map on their device, browse the campus and find where it is they need to go, all without pulling out a gigantic map (however kindly offered by the school). They also don’t need to be the embarrassed individual stopping at the large display map on campus looking for the “you are here” red dot.

The lesson for all you college marketers and admissions professionals: make sure that your school’s interactive campus map is compatible for smartphones. Campus maps are not just a tool to attract prospective students online but are a continually great tool for anyone new visiting your campus, be it a parent, donor, guest speaker or the poor freshman on his/her first day. Mobile support is critical to making your campus map functional and useable. Get mobile!

Photo Credit: stay to the right by kcolwell

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