Sharing Advanced Design using CSS in ICM 2.5 Release

In a somewhat untraditional software release, ICM 2.5 isn’t necessarily about an update to the existing framework. Instead this release is focused on functionality originally released in ICM 2.2 and how we have been taking advantage of it to customize individual maps with new design options. The specific feature that I’m talking about is the ability to edit the CSS that controls the design of the map.

Enhance Elements of Your Map With Custom CSS

We have expanded ability to customize colors, location of elements, fonts, rounded corners, transition effects, etc. This design customization really expands into three specific elements:

  1. Map Stop Windows – Besides the ability to edit singular elements of the various stop templates we can also take these elements and move content pieces around or remove them all together. Changing fonts and colors are really just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible.
  2. Stop Marker Hover Over – We’ve gotten really good at adding rounded corners, shadow effects, changing colors or just removing the hover over pop-up all together.
  3. The Legend – The standard legend is perfectly functional, but it could always match up better with your branded colors and be more aesthetically pleasing. Now it can be both.

Looking For Design Help?

If you are interested in enhancing any of these elements we can provide documentation on how to do it yourself. Also, depending on the request it is possible for us to make the update to specific elements for you. For more complex design a labor hourly rate may apply. If you have any questions or want to improve the design of your map please contact us. You can either reach out to your direct contact at nuCloud or email us at Let’s have a conversation about how to improve the design of your existing map.

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