nuCloud Officially Releases their Interactive Campus Map Platform Version 3

nuCloud is excited to announce the official release of version 3 of their interactive campus mapping (ICM) platform. This new version is built on the newest production ready version of OpenLayers, Bootstrap and other modern web technologies.

“This release has been years in the making and while we are just now formally announcing it, we have been working behind the scenes with customers for months refining the experience and ensuring it met our standards. We have been rolling out bug fixes and features on V3 for a few months now. We wanted to make sure that it is a production quality product before coming out and telling everyone about it,” said CEO Kyle James.

ICM V3 has all of the features that nuCloud customers have come to expect from the award winning software platform. All of the previous features are still present, while the software has taken the next steps in the evolution of the web to upgrade to many new web standards. For example all templates are now fully responsive. It is also easier than ever to deeply customize any aspect of the map through templates and CSS manipulation. The entire app just looks and feels more user friendly with it’s updated and modern approach to web design.

One of the biggest new features to launch with V3 is the ability to now toggle between a map illustration and a street or satellite image of the location. Viewers now have more options than ever to explore a location through nuCloud technology.

For a live example of the new ICM in action please check out The Citadel’s new virtual tour.

Please contact us today to learn how your organization can benefit.

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