Multiple Interactive Maps of the Biltmore Estate

For anyone who has been to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, the 250 room mansion is only part of the experience.  There are hundreds of acres of gardens, a winery, farm and even a pond that was in a scene in Last of the Mohicans.  To really see the whole estate either you need a full weekend or a really good interactive map to make the tour.  Take a look at the Biltmore Estate Interactive Map.

There are a whole lot of really interesting features to this map.  The first of which is the fact that it isn’t just one map.  After exploring around the map a little I noticed that there are three different maps.  One is more of an overview and there are two specific locations that you can drill into to get more detail about those locations.  From these sub-maps there is an easy to find button to take you back to the main map.  There is also a drop down legend on each of the three maps that help you find specific stops.  The zoom on each map is also easy to find and use.

As I’m going through the set of maps, there is a lot to like.  There are also a lot of ideas that I’m collecting about things that I would like to make better about our mapping software.  The map in map and zoom are two features that the team responsible for this map did an excellent job with.  A lot of care was put into stop centering and teamed with excellent photography to give a crisp and clean experience.  If you are thinking about creating an interactive campus map, although this isn’t a map of a school, there are lots of great examples in this one of how to do it right.  Go explore the map and know that here at nuCloud we’ve gained a whole lot of ideas about things that we can improve and build in future iterations of our mapping software.

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