Interactive Map of the Vancouver Olympic Torch Relay

There are many uses for interactive maps, and as we’ve shared in the past, these uses go far beyond interactive campus maps.  Staying on top of map uses helps keep us up to date on interesting ideas and eventually additional markets for our products.  So in the mean time dissecting and sharing maps like this interactive map of the upcoming Olympic torch relay are just as much a hobby as a learning experience.

In 2010 the Olympic Winter Games will take place in Vancouver, Canada.  The torch relay will cover 45,000 kilometers over 106 days across Canada and end February 12th in Vancouver for the opening ceremony.  In all, about 12,000 torchbearers will carry the flame along this trip.  The interactive map will allow viewers to follow the route as the torch passes through 1,000 communities across Canada.  The map stories about each day and enables the public to find good viewing spots to see the torch as it passes through their community.

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Olympic Torch Relay Interactive Map

I personally love watching the Olympics.  I’m more of a summer Olympics fan than winter Olympics, but I love it all.  This interactive map built on the Google Maps platform is an excellent resource for all Canadians.  I really enjoy the interaction through photos, the ability to tag stories, and other features included on this map.  The first day of the relay is this Friday, October 30, and starting this weekend  the interactive map will be a great resource to check on a regular basis.

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