[Infographic] The Cloud and Higher Education

We’ve been a huge proponent of cloud computing in higher education for years now. I mean we named our company “New Cloud” because we saw this shift coming and wanted to be a leader in the transition. This infographic isn’t really anything new or revolutionary, but the fact that it is sharing more information related to cloud computing in higher education means it sparks our interest and hopefully the interest of our audience here too.

Higher education is not the only industry fully adopting the power of cloud computing. It simply makes less and less sense to host all the hardware and eat all the maintenance costs when it is much more efficient to centrally manage large data centers with fully dedicated IT security and support staffs. At that point all schools need is an internet pipe and a web browser to take advantage of all the great technology at their fingertips.

One specific note we found interesting is of the “Top 5 Higher Education Cloud-Based Tools” Amazon Web Services (AWS) is listed. We think of AWS as one of the central backbones of the cloud computing revolution and one of the biggest enablers of this trend instead of a simple app or tool that individuals use. AWS is also one of the platforms we take advantage of to host and store our interactive campus map web application.


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