Has Your City Done Their Taxes? An Interactive US Map

If you don’t have someone else do your taxes then there is a pretty good chance you’ll use TurboTax to do them.  The maker of TurboTax, Intuit, who also makes the popular financial software Quicken, recently put out the map below so that we can see which cities like to procrastinate in doing their taxes.  They announced this map on the TurboTax blog.

This is nothing but using an interactive map for marketing purposes.  They found an interesting way to share some of the data that they have collected to create a sense of urgency around people doing their taxes.  By creating a little buzz around the subject they also remind people that they make software to solve this problem.  This is simply a creative and interesting way to market through an interactive map.  I also like how Intuit even gives visitors the embed script so that others like myself can help them market by sharing the information.  Notice the nice little SEO friendly link at the bottom of the map.  This is a nice way to get some SEO credit back to their site, and I’m happy to share it as they are giving me interesting content to share with you!

So next time you create a map ask yourself if it’s something that you would be willing to post the embed code so that others can post the content on their website.

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