Does Your Interactive Map Help You Stand Out?

It has already been proven that the use of interactive campus maps really boosts the image of your school in the eyes of parents and prospective students alike. And with the great variety of styles and types of campus maps available, you can customize yours to truly fit your campus’s unique image. However, have you gone a step beyond image and asked yourself if your interactive campus map really helps your school to stand out from the rest?

You see, for many prospective students, being pretty, having 10 impressive buildings on campus and providing a trendy map just isn’t enough. They are simply not buying into it anymore, especially in a time when 1) there are many institutions of higher education to choose from and 2) when the state of the economy and amounts of jobs available to recent grads are nothing to get one’s hopes up about.

So the lesson to be learned? Don’ t be afraid to stand out and tell the viewers of your campus map what is different about your school.

Try doing this by:

Making sure to highlight unique locations on your campus.

(I.e. Do you have hiking trails, or a lake where swim comps take place every year? Or do you have a massive library and café that is the dream of any decent academic?) Point these out on your interactive campus map.

Not being afraid to tell your campus’ story.

Did a famous president or eccentric scientist study at your campus? How was your school founded, and what motivated its founding? By giving such insights, the viewer gets a feel not just for the great facilities and faculty available, but for the so-called ‘heart’ behind it all.

Remembering that unique and different help you stand out.

Lots of institutions of higher education offer the same standard degree programs, the same nice campuses, the same teacher to student ratios…what makes you different? Do you offer customized degree programs? Do you provide excellent career advice along with some of the most rare-to-find internships? What is student-life like? Are students actually having a good time at your campus? The unique and tangible examples (e.g. photos, testimonies) you have to offer are what will reel both the prospective students and their parents in, giving them a feel for who you are and for what they can possibly become by coming to your campus.

So as you think through your next interactive campus map, or as you consider improvements, keep some of these insights into the minds of your target audience in mind. We can help you think through some of these considerations and make your campus map truly eye-catching.

Photo Credit: Standing out by localjapantimes

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