[Data] A Physical Campus Tour Is the Most Influential Recruitment Activity

A recent report published by Noel-Levitz – a leading higher education consultancy firm – and the National Research Center for College & University Admissions, confirmed what we at nuCloud have been saying for years: the campus tour is the most influential element in students’ application and enrollment decisions.

High school seniors, juniors, and their parents or guardians, found that tangible experience of taking a campus tour to be most important to them. That is right. Not only to the prospective students find the tour critical so do their parents!

Now you might be thinking, “But what does a virtual campus map have to do with this?” Our answer: everything. As you will notice from some of our other blog entries, campus maps have seen significant upgrades in recent years, offering more functionality, better images, and an overall more realistic picture of college campus and universities across the country. They are no longer the shabby, low-pixel, fixed maps of old, and instead really are virtual campus tours.

The Website Feature That Matters

These virtual campus tours are really able to bridge a gap, offering students and parents fresh insight into a campus that they won’t get from just reading a website or talking to admissions professionals, without having to cost them a penny in travel expenses or time spent visiting campuses (something which often has a harder-hitting impact on households then many realize).

Therefore, in today’s market, offering a virtual tour is simply critical. It really is that essential first peek into the ‘college world’ for both student and parent. If they see something they like, it will be a big pull factor in getting them to contact you, apply, or visit your campus in person (which indeed is the recruiter’s highest goal).

If anything, your website can help get prospective students and parents to your campus doors by offering the virtual tour, encouraging them to come visit in person even as they take the tour. It gives that added incentive.

Those that choose not to offer that virtual tour are really missing out on untapped potential. By doing nothing to stand out to the student or bridge the gap, they are automatically lowering their chances of success.

So, we have heard it from admission experts for decades, and now we finally have the data to prove it thanks to Noel Levitz’ latest report: your campus tour is the cornerstone piece of your college’s recruitment efforts! And in today’s budget and tech savvy world, offering a virtual campus tour is quickly becoming a must.

Image Credit from Noel-Levitz blog article: When do high school students want to communicate with colleges?

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