St George’s University, Grenada

6 Articles Ranking College Campuses

We’ve noticed a large number of lists talking about the most beautiful or must scenic college campuses. Don’t believe us? The Spring/Summer time is definitely a popular time for traveling and college campuses are definitely a popular place to visit. Because of what we do we’re obviously big fans of college campuses. With that said here are six articles worth browsing if you’re interested to see if your school is ranked or just to see a number of gorgeous landscape and architectural photos.

1. America’s Most Beautiful College Campuses – Travel + Leisure

I love the introductory paragraph of this article.

“If you ask freshmen why they chose their colleges, they usually say one of two things,” says Baltimore architect Adam Gross, who’s worked on projects at the University of Virginia and Swarthmore. “Either they got a good financial aid package or they thought the campus was beautiful.”

This is so true. The beauty of college campuses is extremely important to prospective students in their decision making process. Because of this, having an extremely beautiful and well landscaped campus with interesting buildings is important. The 30 schools listed in this article were specifically singled out for their “awe-inspiring architecture, landscaping, and surroundings.”

2. 10 Uniquely Stunning College Campsues From Around The World – BuzzFeed

St George’s University, Grenada

St George’s University, Grenada

This list of 10 school’s on BuzzFeed chooses colleges from all over the world for its list. If for no other reason than you want to see 10 gorgeous photos this list is worth checking out.

3. 50 State Series: Top Campuses Worth Traveling For – FlipKey

A common theme among all the schools on this list is they would make excellent travel destinations for their historical importance, interesting backstory or the beauty of a simple stroll around campuses. This list chooses a single school in each state that is a must visit. Then for each school a single location is given as the MUST SEE destination while visiting the campus.

4. 41 Scenic College Campuses That Were Made For Instagram – BuzzFeed

Everyone loves to “like” gorgeous photos on Instagram. If you are looking for some big like numbers on your next round of photos then this article has some suggestions on locations you can visit and snap some photos. What is really cool about this article is how it shows Instagram being such a powerful marketing platform for schools through their campus. Every photo in this article is from Instagram whether it was something posted officially by the school or not.

Rice University via Instagram

Rice University via Instagram

5. The 50 Most Amazing College Campuses for 2014 – The Best Colleges

This article states right up front:

“When choosing a college, many students overlook one of the most important factors: quality of life.”

That’s a little bit different way of thinking about campus marketing, but we really like it. An interesting data point that they leave us before getting into their list of schools is that students who graduate from beautiful campuses typically report higher overall satisfaction with their college experience.

Furman University

Furman University

6. Get Inspired: Top 10 College Campuses – Delta Sky Magazine

Finally, Delta’s Sky magazine leaves us with a list of 10 campuses around the world that they describe as inspirational. I guess when you are a travel company, providing gorgeous travel destinations can always be used as a strong marketing angle.


If you are associated with one of the schools on any of these lists congratulations! If not it’s not the end of the world. If there is anything you can take away from this article it has to that a beautiful campus can help a college through:

  • Student recruitment by making a final decision based on beauty
  • Student retention through quality of life
  • Alumni relations through the satisfaction and fondly thinking of their college experience
  • A travel destination with must see locations and gorgeous architecture and landscaping

Obviously for any of this to happen you have to GET people to visit. Maybe an interactive map or a gorgeous map illustration that actually does your beautiful campus justice could help with that?

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