The nuCloud Commitment to Accessibility

We believe that our services should be accessible to widest audience possible, regardless of ability.  This sentiment is important to nuCloud because our products are designed to connect people with communities.  We also believe that accessibility is at the core of universal design, and that these practices, conventions, and technologies combine to produce products of the highest quality that serve all users.

We always want to hear feedback about how our users believe we can improve the accessibility of nuCloud products and services. When accessibility concerns are found or raised related to nuCloud’s services, we commit to assessing the severity of the defect or issue and get it scheduled for resolution in the earliest appropriate future release.

nuCloud services are designed and developed with compliance to WCAG 2.0 AA standards in mind. Where possible, we will exceed those standards.

3rd Party and Client Audits

The best accessibility testing happens through collaborative work. Clients are welcome to perform their own audits on publicly accessible components of nuCloud services. nuCloud welcome the submission of any findings to Any defects discovered will be logged and scheduled for remediation, and review will be performed to ensure that best practices and standards are being used, and that the issue involved is fully and properly understood.